Female Gift

Last Minute Birthday Gift Ideas For A Female

Have you ever been at a stage where you have absolutely no idea what to get for your girlfriend/sister/mother or friend? Each individual is contrastingly different to one another, so much so that something that one likes, is not what the other likes. This gets a little complicated if you have no times to think what would be ideal, or are looking for last minute gifts. The choice of gifts differ greatly from one another, so it becomes quite the task to pick one if you have no prior experience. Listed below are few of the many last minute gift ideas!

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This is the best an ideal gift. It’s not too risky, nor is it too last minute. Several stores offer vouchers ranging from various prices, so this leaves you open to a wide variety of choices. If you know this person well, you’re bound to have a slight idea if what she’ll like is a long and famous novel or a Chanel vintage HK branded item. If you’re not too sure, I’d suggest a quick look at her social media profiles to help you decide!


Nothing spells out “I was thinking of you” more than something that you created yourself! This shows you care, and that you actually put effort into whatever you made. The number of things you can DIY in a short time is endless, all you require is a few internet searches and video tutorials. While you’re also doing this, you might actually discover your artsy side!

Online purchases

If you’re caught up with work and cannot get time off to get a gift, the next best option would be to make a quick online search and purchase something online. This may take a few days to get to their doorstep, but they’ll understand because hey, it’s an online delivery! You can purchase several things online, from a pleasant Chanel handbag to a customized cake. Make sure you get something they are bound to enjoy!

Flowers and a card

This is a simple gift, but it’ll mean a lot if you take your time to write a note on how much you appreciate this person’s existence and what impacts they make in your life. Write down a few sweet words and get them their favorite flowers, and you’re all set! This is simple but it’s worth a shot.

We all tend to forget birthdays every now and then, these last-minute gift ideas will help you pick out an ideal gift.